New range of Irish-built electric bikes

Five new models including a sports bike and three scooters

A RANGE of new Irish-built electric bikes is due to be unveiled at a motorcycle show in Dublin today, including a sports bike with a claimed range of up to 136 miles.

The ‘racing sport inspired’ Volt 220 – presumably taking its name from its maximum range of 220km - is good for 60mph according to the Wexford-based manufacturer.

It’s due to be unveiled alongside three scooters: the Volt 90, described as a ‘modern maxi scooter’; the Volt 70, which is a ‘modern commuting scooter’; and the City 60, a ‘fun electric scooter for city living’. There’s also a Volt 80, described only as an ‘innovative and boldly styled model’.

Details are scarce but we’re assuming the fully-faired machine shown in this teaser image is the Volt 220.

The range is due to premiere at the Irish Motorcycle Show in Dublin this morning.

Colin Darby (pictured), MD of Volt Motorcycles, told The Irish Times: ‘Most interest we have had so far is from the urban rider who wants a low running cost solution for their commute. When you consider that the average commute is around 20 kilometres a day and that an electric alternative that will cost less than €200 to run a year, it makes great financial sense. We are not looking to replace but to supplement riders’ experiences and save them money in the long run. Of course, we want to do all of this while keeping the motorcyclist experience exciting and fun as well.’

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