New patents show progress on the Benda VTR-300 Turbo V-twin motorcycle

Patents show an unusual turbo v-twin that could be destined for a Benda VTR 300 motorcycle. We have a look and see if this 300cc will be turbocharged!

Benda VTR 300 Turbo shown in new patents

Around this time last year, we had a teaser from Chinese manufacturer Benda, each tickling our curiosity whiskers with three new models - the LFS-700, VTC-300, & VTR-300 Turbo. That’s right, if you didn’t already know, a turbocharged 300cc motorcycle. 

Since the teaser, the LFS-700 and VTC-300 have both had their official reveals (showing surprisingly tasty & unique design work) - and fresh design patents have revealed a sleek sports bike that appears to be just as eye-catching and unique as the rest of the Chinese manufacturer's machines. 

Admittedly, the patents don’t explicitly reveal or confirm the presence of a turbo, the design work and geometry gearing towards the propensity for ‘extra air’ could all arguably point towards a turbo system being nestled in there.

That does mean we can’t quite speculate on exact power figures, mechanical workings or potential spec - but if you’re really keen for a shot in the dark… the VTC-300 houses the same BD2V58MN motor, and it’s unlikely the turbocharged motor will be a specially built one-off. 

That leaves us with the same 298cc V-twin DOHC unit with around 30bhp, with 58mm bore & 56.4mm stroke. Stick a turbo on that, and arguably you could boost your way up to 50bhp. Not too bad for a 300.

Benda VTC-300 Turbo style

It appears to be a premium sports bike from the patents. Upside-down forks, Brembo brakes (single discs front & rear), flowing bodywork section throughout, 10 spoke wheels and underbelly exhaust. Very European in its execution, not too dissimilar from the Yamaha R3 yet not outright copying the Japanese machine. 

The chassis is a particularly interesting point, it appears to give that flowing look with beam support, more likely with a tubular steel trellis frame underneath. 

Elsewhere we have potential DRL slots up front (or vents, or just standard LED placeholder) with a single front headlight - likely LED. The high tail section is vintage sports bike, and it finishes off the aerodynamics with what looks like twin ducts. 

We’ll wait for further imagery and spec, but if Benda can pull off this V-twin turbocharger (and we see it in Europe), it could be a really fun little machine. At this stage, we’d imagine a reveal is just around the corner, and it should therefore hit the market in late 2022. 

Sources: EPPB Channel, Bennetts 

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