New Norton Motorcycle Range Set for 2026 Launch

Norton is set to launch a new range of motorcycles from 2026, in an overhaul promoted by its owner, TVS Motor, but they will keep the brand's premium image

Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer 2023

A new motorcycle range looks to be on the way from Norton, with the new bikes set to be introduced from 2026.

There are no concrete details about the new motorcycles yet, but Autocar Professional reports that they will be in the “super-premium” segment, meaning the new bikes likely won’t stray too far from the existing range in that regard.

Norton’s current range - Norton V4SV, V4CR, and Norton Commando 961 - all occupy the higher end of the motorcycle market. The Commando is the least expensive at £16,999, while the V4CR and V4SV both come in at over £40,000.

While all three of those bikes have been overhauled or redesigned by Norton since it was bought by TVS in 2020, there have been no outright new models introduced in the last four years. The new range will be, in that way, the first chance for TVS to make its mark on the Norton brand, although the degree to which it wants to imprint its own identity on the British marque remains to be seen.

Aside from the “super-premium” part, the only thing we know about the prospective new motorcycles is that they are expected to begin arriving in 2026. No technical details are known, so we don’t know if the same V4 from the SV and CR will be used, or a unit derived from it, or whether something new entirely will be brought to the table. Neither do we know if there will be a new supersports bike, a new naked, or even a tourer, perhaps.

Maybe the sheet-covered bike shown in a recent drone ‘tour’ of the Norton factory is a prototype of one of the upcoming models. 

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