New Indian limited edition Chieftain and Challenger Elites

Indian has launched two new special edition “Elite” baggers, with the Challenger Elite and Chieftain Elite both becoming available for 2022.

Indian Challenger Elite

INDIAN Motorcycle has announced a pair of new special edition baggers that will be introduced to its “Elite” range. 

The new, limited edition baggers, called the Challenger Elite and Chieftain Elite, both feature custom-inspired designs and “deliver the ultimate in style and exclusivity,” according to an Indian press release.

Challenger Elite

Starting with the Challenger, the drive comes from a 1768cc, liquid-cooled V-twin PowerPlus motor which is said to pump out 122 horsepower and 178Nm of torque. That’s a lot of low-down pull. 

There are also three throttle mappings, with Rain, Standard and Sport to choose from. From the outside, ‘Sport’ is a curious choice for a bike where the riding position is closer to lying on your back than your front, but then again a little extra performance might come in handy when a fool in a ‘Stang pulls up alongside on a red light. 

“Each ride mode has been engineered with its own distinct traction control setting to align with each mode’s specific throttle mapping,” Indian says. Despite its “muscle car-inspired styling,” (Indian’s words) the Challenger Elite has a decent amount of technology behind it. It’s a little bit more than a big block and some three-spokes. 

There is also electronically-adjustable suspension preload on the rear shock courtesy of Fox to allow riders to dial in the setting they need for some extra load on the back, whether in the form of a pillion or extra cargo. Additionally, there is Smart Lean Technology, and the switch cubes are backlit for improved visibility in the dark. Sticking with the lighting, both front and rear lights are LED, and the headlight can adjust the light spread depending on lean angle. 

There is also a 400W PowerBand audio system, which includes saddlebag speakers, and Apple CarPlay is available through Ride Command.

Finally on the Challenger Elite, of which only 200 will be available in total and only 25 in Europe, Indian says, “ Standard features aboard the Indian Challenger Elite include, ABS, keyless ignition, tyre pressure monitoring, as well as weatherproof and remote-locking saddlebags with more than 68 litres of storage.”

Chieftain Elite

Now we move on to the Chieftain Elite, which Indian describe as “Designed for discerning riders who demand the best of the best.”
The Chieftain comes equipped with the most powerful air-cooled engine in Indian’s arsenal: the Thunderstroke 116. This is a 1901cc motor producing 171Nm, which itself can be tuned via the three riding modes: Tour, Standard, and Sport. 

This custom-inspired limited edition bike features an Adaptive Pathfinder LED headlight, an adjustable and tinted flared windscreen, aluminium floorboards, LED lighting on the saddlebags, backlit switch cubes and the same 400W PowerBand audio as found on the Challenger Elite.

There is a seven-inch touchscreen from Ride Command that enables Apple CarPlay, as well as GPS. The Chieftain also features ABS, keyless ignition, tyre pressure monitoring, and the same aforementioned weatherproof and remote-locking saddlebags all as standard. 

There are only 150 Chieftain Elites being produced by Indian, and only 20 of those will make it to Europe. 

“From factory-custom details to premium amenities, and advanced ride-enhancing technology, we left no stone unturned when designing our new Elite baggers,” said Aaron Jax, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle. “Whether you prefer the liquid-cooled power and performance of the Indian Challenger, or the more organic growl and unmatched air-cooled power of the Chieftain, these two Elites elevate both platforms with gorgeous custom-inspired design elements straight from the factory.”

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