New Horex VR6 Raw released

Six-cylinder German luxo-heavyweight roadster revamped for 2019

Horex Raw VR6

FOR SOME reason we missed this at the Cologne Intermot show, so we're making up for it now. German firm Horex had its range of VR6 six-cylinder machines on show, with the new VR6 Raw revealed for the first time.

The new model has had a stack of weight-reducing mods, that shave 4kg off the all-up weight, thanks to light forged aluminium wheels, and a general diet all round. It's still a bit chunky at 220kg dry, but considering it's powered by a 1,218cc six-cylinder narrow-V motor, that's not so bad. There's a natty dual-can silencer setup, plus sweet Brembo M50 brake calipers up front, and sporty settings on the Ohlins suspension.

The rest of the Horex line-up also gets a makeover for 2019, with a slew of updates and refinements. There's a new  clutch with carbon-fibre plates for smoother action and improved gearchanges, a new seven-inch LCD display panel with a new glass front panel, new paint and accessory options (including spoked Kineo wheels - yum), and a plush new Dynamica seat design.

If you're not familiar with Horex, the firm uses its own VR6 engine design for the premium roadsters. This uses such a narrow-angled 'V' layout (just 15 degrees) that all six cylinders are within one set of barrels, with a single cylinder head on top. It's the same idea used by Volkswagen for its VR6 car engine, and also on the W8, W12 and W16 engines used in that firm's Passat, Phaeton.Audi A8 and Bugatti Veyron, respectively. The design allows for six cylinders in a relatively compact, narrow layout - the Horex engine is just 43cm wide - at the cost of complex manufacturing and compromises in stuff like intake and exhaust port design. The VR6 engine does have three overhead camshafts though, which is pretty cool.

It's not hugely powerful - 163bhp is modest these days - but offers a uniquely smooth and torquey delivery. The cost will be another hurdle for most folk: the new Raw costs from €35,500. Which is about £150,000 these days (if you change your money at Heathrow)...

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