New Honda engine could be NC750 replacement or smaller Africa Twin

Honda has filed patents for what could be the much talked about smaller capacity Africa Twin or a new NC model

New Honda NC750 engine

THE most traditional motorcycle in the current Honda range could be about to receive a new engine courtesy of a newly patented engine design.

The new unit comes five years after the 750cc version of NC750 was first announced, and following Honda’s traditional update timetable, and incoming Euro emissions regulations, it looks like the engine is about to get a refresh.

The new unit is likely to be an 800 or 850 in capacity, and with little or no performance increase over the standard model, the new engine bears all the hallmarks of the NC’s powerplant. The parallel-twin features heavily raked forward cylinders, lending the engine to a multitude of uses, although the new unit includes slightly revised mounting points to the frame. This not only points to the motor fitting into a newly framed NC model but possibly also another bike too.

The internet has been awash with rumours regarding Honda’s first foray into the mid-weight adventure market with an 800 or 850cc Africa Twin adventure enduro machine. The new unit could be just the ticket for such a bike – once it has been relevantly tuned to suit an off-road style machine.

Producing plenty of low down grunt, easy-going power delivery and phenomenal economy, this new NC-style parallel twin in an adventure bike dress with around 75 to 80bhp does sound like a very tempting proposition indeed.

Honda though could also be throwing us a red-herring with this one, as patents quite often are. Like they did when the NC750 was first around, and patent drawings showing a leaning three-wheeled motorcycle – along the lines of the NIKEN (above) – were doing the rounds…