New Hayabusa trademark

Does Suzuki’s commercial push confirm a new Busa is coming?

New Hayabusa trademark

THERE HAVE been plenty of rumours that Suzuki’s Hayabusa is about to be replaced and a new trademark filing from the firm might just be tacit confirmation of that.

Yes, it’s just the normal Japanese Hayabusa script, the same as you’ll find on pretty much any generation of ’Busa. But the timing is key here.

The existing Hayabusa is already living on borrowed time, and nearing the end of it. To keep it on sale Suzuki has used ‘derogation’ rules that allow manufacturers to keep selling aging bikes even if they don’t meet current emissions and type-approval rules. Those rules gave Suzuki a two year window – starting on January 1st, 2017 – to sell its remaining stock and to get a replacement ready. On December 31st this year, time runs out for all bikes sold in Europe that don’t meet Euro 4 emissions rules, even if their makers have obtained permission to sell them under derogation rules. Those bikes include several Suzukis – the GSX-R600, GSX-R750 and Hayabusa among them.

So, what’s that got to do with a trademark? Well, Suzuki already owns the rights to the Hayabusa logo that you see here, but only to use on “automobiles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and the parts and fittings thereof.”

This new trademark, which Suzuki has only recently applied for, looks identical but is to be used on a vast range of things; watches, clothing (including motorcycle kit), stationary, jewellery and more.

That tells us that Suzuki is planning a merchandise range around the Hayabusa name. It would be an odd thing to do around a discontinued bike.

Ergo, Watson, there’s a new Hayabusa coming very, very soon.