New Harley-Davidson Sporster variant coming in April

Harley-Davidson will launch a new spin-off from the new Revolution Max-engined Sportster S platform, rumoured to be a smaller capacity cruiser

New Harley-Davidson Sportster variant 2022

A new spin-off from the latest Harley-Davidson Sportster S platform will get its world premiere on April 12 with a teaser video showing an alternative look for the cruiser-style motorcycle.

Set to become the third Harley-Davidson model to make use of the firm’s fresh Revolution Max engine, the new variant could wear a different name with some speculation the previously trademarked ‘Nightster’ is on the cards.

To accompany the announcement of its launch date, Harley-Davidson released a typically low exposure teaser video titled ‘Freedom of Expression’, which shows a shadowy glimpse of the final version [above] which - as points out - bears a striking resemblance to mock-ups sent to Harley owners in a survey showing a choice of styled variants of the Sportster S that could make production.

Where they do differ, however, is at the front with the flatter LED striplight replaced by a more Harley synonymous circular headlamp, plus telescopic fork and rear shock, suggesting this will lean towards cruiser over the sportier brief of the Sportster S.

What is less clear is what this new model is packing under the skin with the Revolution Max engine developed to be adaptable in size meaning it could be the first model to come with the 975cc version of the original 1250cc unit that was intended for use in the stillborn Bronx streetfighter.

If it does come in with a smaller engine then it will likely be pitched as direct rival for the Indian Scout. Roll on 12 April…