New BMW R18 touring model revealed in patent images

The new touring addition to the BMW R18 range has been revealed in a series of design patent drawings

BMW R18 Bagger

THE BMW R18 range of bikes was clearly never just going to stop with the retro-styled first edition. Indeed, since the launch of the R18, all eyes have been scanning the horizon for the next model.

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And we didn’t have to wait long, as just months after the launch of the first bike, images of the next in the family began to circulate, and it was hardly surprising to see the bike get a bit of a touring makeover.

Now though, the bikes final form has been revealed in a series of design patents filed by the German manufacturer.

The new bike will be sharing most of its oily bits with the already launched R18 standard edition, with the majority of chance centring around some distance and comfort-related updates. The new bike seems to have a much plusher and thickly padded dual seat. It should not only help alleviate the numb-bum, but the slight increase in the seat height should make distance work a slightly more pleasurable experience.

The fuel tank of the new bike is also wider than that of the standard R18, boosting the 16-litres of the bike and improving range. The front end is dominated by the ubiquitous bat-wing fairing that on this bike looks to be Harley-Davidson rivalling in its contents. In the centre there is a large screen that looks to be where the TFT – possibly touchscreen – will be located. On the right and left of the fairing are two large grills that we assume are covering the speakers that have become commonplace on bikes like this.

Another change is the inclusion of much larger fenders (mudguards to you me). I did notice that on the stock R18, the front mudguard did almost nothing, and was so short that any muck getting flicked off the front wheel would just get swept up in the breeze and blown back into your face! The new set-up looks like it’ll be much better equipped to keep you dry on longer rides.