Is this the new Benelli TRK800?

The parent company of Benelli has launched the QJ Motor SRB 750 that could be badged up as Benelli’s next mid-size adventure bike - although the firm deny this!

A Benelli TRK 800

SOME grainy images have been found showing the latest adventure bike from QJ Motor that could show what the next Benelli middle-weight adventure machine could look like.

With the machine on show being badged up and released as a QJ Motor SRB 750, only an official announcement from Benelli will confirm that the bike is going to make it into the Italian firm’s range, although you can’t deny; the family resemblance to the company’s TRK 502 adventure bike is uncanny!

That hasn’t stopped Benelli officials speaking out about the bike, claiming that the TRK 800 is definitely coming, although they also claim it will have little to do with the parent company’s new middle-weight adventure machine – whether or not that statement is true, only time will tell.

Benelli TRK 750

Their statement read:

"As already mentioned on several occasions, Benelli is working on the project of a new TRK based on the 750cc engine. This is an important project, which Benelli is developing entirely in Italy, but which has nothing to do with the new SRB 750cc just presented by QJ Motor for non-European markets"

Company statement aside, it is likely that some mechanical elements from the SRB could carry over to the TRK 900. If nothing else, using already tested and proven tech makes financial sense if nothing else.

What could the specs of the Benelli look like?

And the tech the SRB has seems pretty good, as beneath the angular bodywork of the QJ Motor lurks a 754cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke inline four engine. It features a DOHC design, 4 valves per cylinder and electronic fuel injection with double throttle bodies. Power output is very respectable for the class, with some sources quoting 77bhp while insiders in China claim the power to be nearer 81bhp and 50 lb-ft (67Nm) of torque.

Other features of the bike are long-travel front forks – no clue as to adjustability as yet – and a 19” front wheel which should make the machine an acceptable but not exceptional off-road machine. The bike is also rumoured to have a TFT dash and full LED lighting.

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