New 500cc road-legal two-stroke racer

Official teaser images and specs hint bike will be based on Honda NSR500

GERMAN company Ronax GmbH is promising a limited-edition road-legal two-stroke sports bike thought to be based on the Honda NSR500 former GP race bike.

The German firm has revealed the new Ronax 500 will feature a 500cc V4 two-stroke engine, just like the legendary race bike, while official pictures of the new machine under wraps suggest styling similarities too.

They include an air intake in the nose of the fairing and two exhausts on the right-hand side with a further two under the tail unit.   

The production run will be limited to 46, while the cover on the bike is yellow – the number and colour famously worn by Valentino Rossi, who raced an NSR500 to GP victory in 2001.

Ronax hasn’t explicitly stated the bike is modelled on the NSR but appears to hint at it by saying in the specifications: ‘A legendary engine makes its comeback! Furious, demanding and impressive as it ever was!’

The firm says the Ronax 500 will be ‘a machine made to meet the highest expectations in performance and craftsmanship’ and ‘a race bike by nature with all necessities for the road’.

The statement adds: ‘Despite being a true race bike, the Ronax 500 can conquer the streets as well.

‘Leaving production completely roadworthy it manages the split between street-performance and uncompromised racing.

‘With only a few easy adjustments the bike is transformed from a race bike into a road bike!’