New 2023 E-Racer Bestial-e electric motorcycle is now available

The latest electric motorcycle from E-Racer is now available. The Bestial-e features updates for 2023 on previous years, including LED lighting.

E-Racer Bestial-e

A new electric motorcycle has been released based on the Zero SR/F from Italian designers E-Racer. 

E-Racer’s latest creation takes the Zero SR/F and combines its electric base with styling inspired by Ducati’s Monster range. 

The result is the E-Racer Bestial-e, and it is the fourth edition of the E-Racer design led by Aldo De Giovanni since its inaugural design in 2019.

The latest version of the Bestial-e brings an all-new LED headlight to the motorcycle, which itself features a streamlines design and two side spoilers.

Additionally, the ‘tank’ is made more compact on the 2023 version of the Bestial-e, while the seat is handmade and the tail unit is full-carbon.

As for the technical details, the brakes are sourced from Brembo’s Stylema range, and the rear monoshock is from Umbria Kinetics’ AirTender brand. 

AirTender’s website reads: “AirTender substitutes the original spring with a stiffer and shorter one that is combined with an air system. This allows at the same time more control and stability when riding as well as more softness on rough road surfaces.”

Another innovation of the 2023 Bestial-e is the ‘Audio-Forceback’ system, or E-RAF. This is a safety system which E-Racer has developed with sound engineers, and experts in and programmers of audio systems which recreates a sound created by the electromagnetic field of the bike’s electric motor. “In this way,” E-Racer says, “the driver ‘perceives’ the performance of the engine. [...] [Also, other road users, pedestrians and motorists, can easily hear the approaching motorcycle.”

While electric vehicles’ benefits include their lack of noise, this can also be a negative point - from an enjoyment perspective, but also a safety perspective. E-Racer’s development seeks to correct the second point.

Find out more on the E-Racer website.

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