Neco NC-N01: A new naked 125cc motorcycle from Belgium

A new (internal combustion) 125 out of Belgium from Neco, the NC-N01, features exceptional fuel capacity and a bland name.

Neco NC-N01 front & rear quarter shot.

The Belgian manufacturer Neco has launched its first foray into the motorcycle market with the NC-N01 naked bike. 

Neco’s history is mostly rooted in scooters, but they have now launched their first motorcycle, a 125 naked bike that, unlike many new bikes in the same category, is powered by a traditional internal combustion engine. 

That means you have the soundtrack of a small-capacity (124.2cc) single-cylinder, DOHC, water-cooled four-stroke on your way to a top speed of over 100kph (62mph).

15 of the finest horses Neco could find will take you to that top speed, and when you get there, you can call on a single front brake disc to get you slowed down for the upcoming corner. The NC-N01 also makes use of combined front and rear braking (CBS).

For the suspension, Neco has kept it simple with an inverted front fork and single rear shock absorber, and they connect (at the rear via an aluminium swingarm) to 17-inch wheels (at the front, there is a 110/70 tyre, at the rear a 130/70). Connecting front and rear is a tubular frame.

Onto the electronics of the bike, and we find electric fuel injection, electric start and LED lighting, as well as power management via an ECU (although modes are not defined) and “an enhanced mapping programme” for the fuel injection, according to Neco.

The NC-N01 is a relatively long bike at 2000mm. That is 40mm longer than the Yamaha MT-125 (and the same is true of the wheelbase, which for the NC-N01 is 1365mm), although it is 15mm shorter than the Honda CB125R. Completing the three dimensions are an 830mm width and 1095mm height, meaning the Neco is wider and taller than both the Yamaha and the Honda.

Despite being taller than the Yamaha, the ground clearance is the same for the Neco at 160mm. The Honda’s ground clearance is 20mm lower. 
The Neco sits between the two for seat height, with 815mm (5mm higher than the Yamaha, 1mm lower than the Honda), but where it really excels compared to these two Japanese 125s is the fuel capacity.

The Honda has a 10-litre tank, and the Yamaha has 11 litres, but the Neco NC-N01 - which produces the same power as both - can fit 17 litres. That means a more expensive fill-up from empty, but longer between stops at the pump.

The cost? Neco asks for €3,499, which equates to around £3,000, for the bike in either the matte black and orange colour; or the steel grey and lime green colour.

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