MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR - First road ride review

First impressions of the new MV Agusta naked, the 1090RR

It's a sunny morning here in Italy; Visordown are road testing the MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR.

When you first sit on it, it feels comfortable, not too prone and the best thing about it is the angles of the tank, the lip almost covers your knees and makes it easy to grip with your legs. The bike looks like it would be uncomfortable, but it's not. The footpegs aren't so high as the previous model and the reach to the bars is longer and less cramped.

So far, so good.

We rode it down some polished, seriously twisty roads; the kind you'd rather be flying down on a BMX, not a 150bhp naked.

It's a fierce bike and hasn't lost any of its raw edge, but lower down the rev range the power is useable. The throttle response is exact and takes some time getting used to compared to other bikes I've ridden recently - it's that response that gives the 1090RR its edge. The moment you get on the power it reacts, picks up and heads for the hills like a rhino with a spear in its backside. Once you get used to the sharp response it's a seriously useable bike.

Turn-in to corners is sharp. We rode a lot of switchback hairpin roads and they really do bring out the worst of any bike that's setup on a knife edge. The 1090RR wouldn't be my first choice for the roads we were on, but its front-end gives you so much feedback, you can feel every bump and change of surface.

The 1090RR is fitted with Dunlop Sportmax Qualifers as standard and they're well-suited to the bike's character, it all gels together well. On the 990R, MV have opted for Pirelli Diablo Rosso and they just didn't feel quite so grippy and confidence inspiring.

The 1090RR picks the front up at any given opportunity: in 1st, 2nd and 3rd the MV feels lively and aggressive, perfect for that short mad blast.

Just a quick report for now; we're under pressure to get our gear on and get the bikes on the track before our session ends.

I get the impression the 1090RR will be more at home there than on the road.