Motrac 900 V-twin spied in patents

The Motrac 900 V-twin cruiser had Ducati Diavel-a-like styling although performance should be well below its Italian inspirator

Motrac 900 V-Twin patent

MOTRAC has filed a patent for a new power cruiser that looks suspiciously familiar. The newly revealed V-Twin features a 900cc engine and, you guessed it, has been styled along the lines of Ducati’s Diavel.

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The main element of the bike that screams Bologna is the fuel tank and its associated air-intake scoops on either side of the bike. From the image, it isn’t clear if they are functional ducts, as on the Diavel, or more of a stylistic exercise – we’re thinking probably the latter. Another area of the bike that looks inspired by the Ducati is the short rider and pillion seat. And by inspired by, we mean with a piece of tracing paper and a pencil.

We have no official performance specs for the engine, although it looks like the same 900cc liquid-cooled unit built by Gaojin. If that is the case the new machine won’t be worrying any of the premier league power cruisers, 60bhp and 45lb-ft is hardly ground-breaking in a world of 160bhp offerings.

Front suspension looks to be a set of USD forks mated to radially mounted calipers. While we can’t spot any adjusters on the forks, it’s fair to say they are fairly spindly looking items. The rear suspension is equally budget in appearance, with a set of retro-looking shock absorbers taking up the duties.

The patents have been filed by Chinese Motrac Motorcycles, a company that produces about half a million motorcycles a year and which also sells outside China to Asian countries and Latin America. Safe to say this bike probably won’t sell in Italy.