Moto Guzzi V100 centenary edition spied ahead of launch

One of the most significant new motorcycles from Italian brand Moto Guzzi has been spied ahead of its official release

Moto Guzzi V100 leak

THE next new motorcycle to arrive from Moto Guzzi has been spotted while taking part in a promotional photo shoot prior to the bike’s launch.

It’s not the first time the bike has made its way onto our screen before it should have. Back in August the bike was spotted at Lake Como getting some images taken, presumably for the product launch taking place at EICMA in November.

With this new, clearer picture, we can clearly see that the bike is called the V100 and it looks like nothing else in the current Moto Guzzi range. Powered by a 1,000cc engine, the V100 is a sporty looking thing, with an estimated 120bhp on tap, decent spec suspension and radially mounted brake calipers.

The first time we saw the bike was as a teaser in the firm's centenary celebration graphic at the start of the year

The styling of the bike has a bit of a retro touch to it, and while we can only see this rear quarter angle in the image above, the tank's flanks and fairing are giving is the modern classic vibe.

The talk in the Italian press is that the engine of the new V100 is all-new, and the cylinder heads seem to confirm this. The overall look of the engine is not like anything else in the current Moto Guzzi range. Interestingly for a ‘Guzzi, the exhaust seems to exit out of the side of the engine, not in the normal back-to-front path the gas takes through the engine.

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Whatever the bike is or isn’t, we don’t have long to wait. The EICMA show takes place in November this year and as Moto Guzzi is celebrating its 100th birthday, there is sure to be a big fuss made around that and the new V100.