More teasing for ZZR1400

Another video, first glimpse of the frame and engine

KAWASAKI has released yet another teaser video for the ZZR1400 – or ZX-14R as it's going to be known in America – revealing the first images of the frame and the engine.

If you were hoping for something entirely new, the news isn't good. The frame appears to be identical to the existing bike's chassis. If there are any changes, they don't show from this angle. The engine does look to be slightly changed; we already know it's been stroked to 1440cc from the current 1352cc, but from the picture there also seems to be a new oil supply rail running along the front of the block, feeding an oil spray to the undersides of the pistons to keep them cool.

No word yet on power, but we're betting it will be 200bhp-plus.

The release is due on Monday October 10. You can see all the teaser videos including the new one at (scroll to the right through the videos to find the newest one)