More details of Honda electric motorcycle revealed

New patent drawings have been found that shed further light on the incoming electric motorcycle from Honda

Honda electric motorcycle

THE Honda electric motorcycle project seems to be marching on, as new patent drawings of the bike show its motor and battery set up in much more detail.

2021 Honda CB125R revealed

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The bike is a small-capacity machine that features the frame and some other chassis parts of the CB125R. Without knowing any official information about the model, it doesn’t take Massimo Tamburini to figure it’ll be pushing around 15bhp and top out around 75-80mph.

The detail of the latest images is fairly high, and we start to see some of the more functional elements of the bike’s design. For one, the air inlets of the CB125R – mounted on either side of the tank – seem to be used to circulate cooling air around the battery of the bike.

The styling of the bike also seems to be something that Honda is paying particular attention to, and it all looks very familiar. The fuel tank of an electric bike is the battery pack, but they aren’t the most attractive thing to look at, are they? To help this, Honda looks to be employing some of the traditional body panels of the CB125R and using them to shroud the bike’s workings from view.

It’s a neat trick on two fronts, hiding the bike's internal organs from view and giving the bike a conventional silhouette, and making it seem more traditional.

We can’t say for sure when this new bike is going to land but land it will – in one form or another. Time is running out and Honda, no, all the manufacturers need to get electrically powered boots on the ground so to speak. You really wouldn’t want to be the last person to the electric party. It’d take a seriously long time to catch up!