Midual Type 1 finally breaks cover

Nice, if you’ve got £111,000 spare

FRENCH firm Midual has unveiled this exclusive roadster with an unusual 1036cc longitudinally mounted boxer-twin engine – and a price tag of £111,000.

French designer Olivier Midy first revealed the design in 1999 but it’s now finally a running prototype, ready to go into limited production by 2016.

The Midual Type 1 makes 106hp and 74lbft, and uses Öhlins suspension, Brembo monobloc brakes and an aluminium monocoque chassis which doubles as the fuel tank.

It weighs 239kg fuelled and comes in a choice of 25 colours.

It's set to make its European debut at Salon Privé concours show at Sydon House in London on September 3.

Midual plans to build 35 to sell in Europe in 2016 and says the first have already been ordered.