Meet the Suzuki scooter that dreams of becoming a Hayabusa... sort of

The iconic Suzuki Hayabusa hyper sportsbike gets its own (very) little brother in the form of the big-thinking Suzuki Swish 125 scooter


As the ‘poster boy’ motorcycle that smashed speed records and become an engineering icon when it was launched back in 1999, the Suzuki Hayabusa certainly needs no introduction.

A bonkers flagship in a Suzuki range that is otherwise better associated with the words value, dependable and unassuming, the Hayabusa’s impact cannot be underestimated, so much so that it took Suzuki 21 years to get around to developing a second generation.

Not that Suzuki tinkered much with the formula too much, still turning heads wherever it goes and sprinting to a skin-pulling 186mph… in short, it remains the dream for many a love-struck would-be owner.

Not everyone can stretch to £16,499 though… or £10,000… or £5,000. Never fear though, if your ambitions say Hayabusa but your budget says scooter (and you happen to live in Taiwan), Suzuki has something just for you.

The Hamamatsu firm has revealed the latest generation Suzuki Swish 125 which distills a number of traits inspired by its much bigger brother into a nifty little package.

With a sharp snout dominated by the centrally-mounted headlight and flanked by ‘fangs’ reminiscent of the Hayabusa’s front fascia, while the look is finished off by the same dark grey and matte gold paint job that makes the hyper-sportsbike pop.

Siblings in spirit, unfortunately the 9.4hp 125cc engine will dispel any notions of inspiration from the Peregrine Falcon the moment you fire it up.

On the plus side, we bet the Swish is still a damn sight quicker through traffic-packed urban jungles…

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