Meet the Benda Box 400

Terrible name, but new Chinese cruiser is trying to add quality to the nation’s bikes

Meet the Benda Box 400

OKAY, let’s get it out of the way first. This bike is called the Benda Box 400.


No doubt if it ever makes its way from its Chinese homeland to be sold in English-speaking countries, that brand name and title will be changed.

It’s got intentions to overcome the reputation for poor materials and build quality that are often associated with Chinese-made two-wheelers, and there’s no question that in terms of attention-to-detail, it stands out from the crowd. The fork bottoms and engine cases are cast with the Benda name, for instance, and the whole bike is peppered with little touches that suggest its components haven’t simply been grabbed from the local wholesaler’s shelves.

Spec-wise, it’s powered by a 394cc, water-cooled parallel twin making 38hp and 25lbft of torque, driving through a six-speed transmission. It weighs 172kg and is claimed to be good for 160km/m (near enough 100mph).

The styling has a dash of Indian Scout to it, with a hint of Indian Octane thrown into the mix. The proportions are very much in the traditional cruiser mould, but the angular shapes on the tank and fenders make it something a little more than just a dashed-off copy. That’s more than can be said of Benda’s earlier products. The firm’s existing ‘Dance 250’ is a barefaced Triumph Speed Triple replica, shrunk down to a 250cc single.

Will we ever see the Benda Box 400 over here? That’s unclear at the moment. However, to quote the firm’s website: 'We expect of joining hand and make progress with worldwide parnter and make the win-win cooperation in market!'