Mac Motorcycles Ruby: A faithful modern classic cafe racer

Mac Motorcycles' 600cc single-cylinder neo-retro cafe racer, the Ruby, will become open to orders in the autumn of this year.

Mac Motorcycles Ruby side shot.

A new British-built cafe racer has been born out of Mac Motorcycles: the Ruby.

The Ruby is a product of the motorcycle enthusiasts that make up Mac Motorcycles, from ex-motocrossers and trials riders to classic collectors. 

That is reflected in the Ruby itself. A relatively ‘bare-bones’ design with minimal bodywork (with a colour choice which is fairly self-explanatory) and no fairing, the street-focused Ruby takes a utilitarian, no-excess off-road style and meshes it with the classic curves of a neo-retro cafe racer.

It is powered by a 600cc single-cylinder DOHC four-stroke with four valves, with a compression ratio of 12.4:1, and a bore and stroke of 100mm x 76.4mm. On their website, Mac also give the measurements in imperial measurements, presumably to call back to the period of the bike’s inspiration in the 1960s. 

But, this is no dinosaur. It features an electric start and electric fuel injection, a 1.8-litre wet sump, a hydraulic clutch, and a six-speed transmission. Furthermore, the exhaust is designed and manufactured especially for the Ruby in Italy. It’s made of stainless steel and meets “current noise and emission legislation, whilst retaining the distinctive ‘soundtrack’ of a big single,” Mac says.

The engine produces 52 horsepower at the crank, and the 17-inch rear wheel to which that power is sent is connected to the steel tubular frame via a triangulated swingarm. It is all suspended by a shock absorber from the Oxfordshire company Nitron. 

We find a 17-inch wheel at the front, too, this time with 47mm USD forks from Fastace. These come with compression and rebound adjustment as standard, and the same is true of the aforementioned Nitron shock.

Mac Motorcycles says the top speed should be around 100mph, but that is dependent on “on the size and shape of the jockey, the forces of Mother Nature, the incline of the hill and the tow from the vehicle in front.” 

Getting stopped from that speed is done via a 320mm front brake disc, with a radial calliper and master cylinder from Brembo, who also take care of the rear calliper and master cylinder for the 240mm rear disc.

There are a couple of tyre options available, too, with Michelin and Avon to choose from. Specifics for front and rear tyres are below:

  • Front - 120/70R17 58H Michelin Street Radial or 120/70ZR17 58W Avon 3D Ultra Sport
  • Rear - 150/60R17 66H Michelin Street Radial or 150/60ZR17 66W Avon 3D Ultra Sport

Mac Motorcycles will begin taking orders for the Ruby in the autumn, but you can register your interest for one now on their website.

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