Luxury hypercar maker Bugatti reverts to two wheels… well, sort of

A new Bugatti doesn't come around often... and this one - the Bugatti 9.0 kick scooter - can even be bought at your local branch of, erm, Costco!


Bugatti has become the latest manufacturer to move into the thriving ‘urban mobility’ market space with a kick scooter that will still cost you four figures to purchase.

The historic French firm has a long and distinguished past producing luxury high-end and supercar models, most famously the Veyron, which was one of the fastest - and most expensive - production models ever produced.

With the Veyron succeeded by the Chiron, it isn’t often a brand new Bugatti is revealed so any new model should be quite an event.

Then again, its latest offering couldn’t be any more polar opposite the Veyron or Chiron… meet the Bugatti 9.0, a modest electric-powered kick scooter that can be yours for $1,200 (or just under £1,000 in a like-for-like currency equation).

With an 18.5mph top speed if you are a featherweight, the Bugatti 9.0 is a little down on the W16 propelled 261mph of the Chriron, but it’s probably as agile and will move quicker through the traffic.

While Bugatti has resisted playing to type by slapping on a version of its iconic arched guppy of a front-end grill, the 9.0 does come in French Racing Blue, while there are some neat touches to enjoy such as the tiny exposed trellis frame, which has been constructed in magnesium alloy to keep things nice and light.

You can also ride it confidently at night with some neat lighting solutions, while the LED dashboard keeps you informed of your speed and battery level.

Bugatti certainly isn’t the first high-end manufacturer to go down the route of urban mobility for the well-heeled, with Ducati and MV Agusta also launching their own kick scooters with the latter’s Serie Oro probably our favourite.

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about the Bugatti 9.0, however, is the fact it can be bought in… Costco. Yes, if you live in the United States, you can pop to your local Costco to buy 50kg of chicken and a Bugatti. 

What a time to be alive…