Loncin launches new Real 5T electric scooter under Bicose brand

The Chinese manufacturer Loncin has launched a new model under the Bicose brand, with the new electric Real 5T electric scooter.

Bicose Real 5T

The Chinese manufacturer have shown off their new electric scooter, the Bicose Real 5T.

The Bicose has been designed to be the electric equivalent of a 125cc scooter in terms of its power and performance, meaning it is relatively accessible.

The Bicose Real 5T is powered by an electric motor that is placed in the centre of the machine. The electric motor sends power to the rear wheel through a belt drive. 

In terms of performance the Real 5T is limited to peak output of 15 horsepower. It also has a torque output of 389Nm or around 272 lb-ft, which would allow the bike to have quick acceleration. The top speed is claimed to be 115kph, or 71mph. It can also reach 50km/h in 2.6 seconds.

The Real 5T is fitted with two non-removable 89V, 27Ah lithium batteries housed in the bottom of the frame. This gives the scooter a low centre of gravity allowing it to be stable to ride, but the batteries cannot be removed which is one downside of the bike. The Bicose Real 5T has an incredible range of up to 240 kilometres when in the eco mode, which is 149 miles on a single charge. The scooter also comes equipped with a built in 1.84kW charger compatible with CCS Type 2 sockets. This allows the batteries to be charged from zero to 80 percent in just two hours. 

The Real 5T gets three driving modes, traction control, automatic warning lights, and even a reverse gear for convenient manoeuvring in tight parking spaces.

The aluminium alloy single suspension allows for a reduced amount of unsprung mass, which is a benefit for the large storage space of 33 litres.
Overall, the new Bicose model has good styling, performance and is configured well. The Real 5T provides users with a new efficient and fun way to travel in urban life.

The Bicose Real 5T is still in pre-release so the price is yet to be revealed to the public. However, the new electric machine should be released in the middle of 2023.

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