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Lightning Strike – Full details revealed

The Californian company is claiming the bike offers premium design, performance and technology for an ultra-competitive price.

LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLES have just announced their newest and most technologically advanced motorcycle ever. The Lightning Strike takes the high-performance LS-218 concept (which cost nearly £30k) and turns it into a slightly less powerful (90hp as opposed to 200hp) and much more affordable package.

To look at, the LS and the Lightning Strike are very closely related, frame, swingarm, subframe and fairing all look to be almost identical. But from there the specs become quite different.

Three options of the bike are available, each offering a different power output, range, charging performance and most importantly price!

Strike Carbon

Strike Mid-Range

Strike Standard





Power (hp)




Torque (lb-ft)





CCS inlet (level-1/2/3)

CCS inlet (level-1/2**)

CCS inlet (level-1/2**)

Onboard Charger





485lbs (219kg)

465lbs (210kg)

455lbs (206kg)

Price (GB circa)

$19,998 (£15k)

$16,998 (£13)

£12,998 (£9.9k)

*Optional 6.6kW AC charger available for $1,500

**Level 3 CCS charging available for $1,500

The Strike offers three battery sizes which can be selected at the point of sale, each allows the rider to spec the bike to their own needs.

10 kWh: 70 – 100 miles highway/city range

15 kWh: 105 -150 miles highway/city range

20 kWh: 150 – 200 miles highway/city range

With the standard CCS (combined charging system) charge port, Strike has the capability of charging at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 meaning a level three charge can see you back on your bike and ready to cover a claimed 100 miles in as little as 20 minutes. That fast turnaround does come at a price though as the level 3 fast charging DC system will set you back $1500 (about £1100).

  • Level 1 – Overnight charge: Plug into any 110v household outlet
  • Level 2 – 2-3 hours: Charge on-the-go with nationwide charge points
  • Level 3 – 35 minutes: DC fast charge 100+ miles of riding range in just 20 minutes

Powering the Strike is Lightning’s own AC induction motor with liquid cooling. With no gears or clutch to think about, the strike is direct-drive and behaves like most of the other bikes in the electric bike set – unless the Supernex from Kymco ever arrives as that’s promised to have a six-speed box. Lightning is claiming a top speed of 135mph for the standard bike and 150mph for the Carbon edition.

The svelte bodywork of the bike has been designed in the wind tunnel and is claimed to make the Strike the most aerodynamically efficient electric motorcycle currently available.

The top spec Carbon edition also includes a box of top-spec motorcycle jewellery fitted to the bike including carbon fibre bodywork, Öhlins front and rear suspension, Brembo Monoblock calipers, AIM dash, lap timer, and a GPS datalogger. The Carbon is also going to be the first of the bikes to land on driveways, with an expected delivery date of July 2019

For more information or to place an order, click here.

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