Lazareth launches LM 410 at a similarly wild £84k

The French builder’s latest machine takes its cues from the Maserati powered LM 847 although this bike uses a Yamaha R1 engine

Lazareth LM 410

FRENCH-BASED motorcycle maker Lazareth has announced its latest creation in the form of the LM 410.

As is the way with anything released from the company, the LM 410 takes the idea of a motorcycle and completely turns it on its head.

With four-wheels on this wagon, the LM 410 is still technically a motorcycle, although it leans on from side to side and is described by Lazareth as a pendulum motorcycle, with the main frame and engine swinging when cornering and the wheels – all four of them – remaining flat on the floor.

The bike is joining a long line of crazy custom machines that seemingly fall from the mind of Lazareth CEO, Ludovic Lazareth with phenomenal frequency.

Above the LM410 are machines like the Yamaha R1 Street, a naked and stripped back roadster with hub-centre steering, the LMV 496, which is part motorcycle part drone (no really – check it out) and the frankly bonkers LM 847 which is built around the 4.7l, 470hp engine from a Maserati!

Talking about his latest creation, Ludovic explained how the LM 410 was designed to be a lighter machine than anything he has built before, opening up the brand to a larger audience.

“The LM 410 is much more conventional [than the LM 847]. We designed it to be lighter, easier to handle, and accessible to a wider group of riders,"

It’s reported that the team plan to build just 10 of these 400kg machines so if you wanted to own the biggest statement on two-wheels, you better get in touch with the team that builds it!

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