KTM launches 2023 SX motocross range, featuring new EFI on the two-strokes

KTM release 12-bike 2023 motocross line-up of two- and four-strokes, with updates to chassis and engine across the range.

2023 KTM 300 SX mid-corner. - KTM Media.

KTM’s 2023 motocross range will again feature 12 bikes from small electrics to full-fat 450s. 

On the combustion side of things, the two-stroke range will feature the usual 50cc, 65cc, 85cc minis, as well as 125cc, 250cc and 300cc ‘big bikes’. Then, there are also 250, 350 and 450 four-stroke SX-Fs.

Throughout the range, the 2023 SXs will feature two engine maps, with one for softer and more linear, controllable power, and a second, more aggressive map. On the SX-Fs only, there will also be launch and traction control settings, while the two-strokes will feature EFI and all models come with electric starts. There are also roll-over sensors on the bike for big crashes, and adjustments to the WP suspension are able to be made without tools.

Additionally, KTM makes use of its partnerships with Pankl Racing Parts, Brembo and Keihin to refine the feeling of the SX range. 
“New cylinder heads translates into performance gains but rearwards rotation of the engines by 2 degrees has given better centralization and a more profound effect for the chassis concept,” KTM says. 

There is also a five-speed Pankl gearbox which on the four-stroke models features quick-shifting from second gear upwards. This is designed to smooth out the acceleration phase on corner exit, which can enable better management of acceleration bumps, and starting in second gear can allow for faster acceleration out of the gate. KTM also includes the ability to disable the quick-shift. 

A new frame, new mounts, subframe (this year of polyamide-reinforced aluminium), swingarm, the repositioning of the engine, new suspension from WP and reworked ergonomics have all been brought to the 2023 SXs with the intention of reducing squat. KTM calls it “anti-squat,” and looks for better support at the rear to improve stability and therefore acceleration as well. 

Speaking more about the WP suspension, KTM says, “The WP Suspension XACT shock is shorter and lighter. The internal flow of liquids is more flush, reliable and resistant, and the shock’s smaller dimensions lower the chances of pollutants and dirt intrusion. The shape permits higher ground clearance with the linkage and advanced damping means better traction as the bike swallows the bumps with the new geometry setting.” On the front, KTM continues down the air-fork route, which this year features a new hydrostop for better bottoming resistance.

On the two-strokes specifically, KTM has looked for increased agility, and to achieve this they have moved the footpegs inwards for greater high-lean-angle ground clearance in ruts or while performing scrubs. KTM says the pegs are also lighter than before, but with a larger surface area. 

The 2023 SX range will also come with Dunlop MX33 tyres. Dunlop is the chosen brand of KTM North America, and is what Cooper Webb used to win the 2019 and 2021 450SX titles with the 450 SX-F, and what Marvin Musquin used to win this year’s St. Louis Supercross Triple Crown. Antonio Cairoli will also be switching from the Pirellis he has used with KTM in Europe to Dunlops when he goes to the US later this month to compete in the AMA Pro Motocross series for the first time.