KTM 390 Enduro spotted | Duke powered off-roader inbound

A new enduro motorcycle from Austria has been spotted undergoing testing, as a new KTM 390 Enduro is spied


THIS might be just a fleeting glimpse of a bike pulling out of a factory gate and drifting into the distance. And to many, the first sight of this all-new KTM 390 Enduro might have gone unnoticed.

This unassuming little bike though might just be one of the most exciting machines to roll out of KTM’s development HQ this year. What the bike is officially called is as yet unknown, although, given the on and off-road nature of the machine, the KTM 390 Enduro name seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Looking like a stripped-back and more focussed version of KTM’s excellent little 390 Adventure, the new enduro model already looks like it’s ready to go out and hit the trails. The heavily disguised bike seems to be using the same frame as that found on 390 Adventure, with the trellis tubing and sturdy sub-frame looking very similar to one another.

One completely new item on the bike we see here is the addition of a totally revised swingarm for the model. For years now, pretty much all of KTM’s 125 and 390 models have all shared a common swing arm design. Easily recognised by its distinctive (and hard to wash) diamond construction. This new bike though is wearing a much more purposeful item, that seems to be of CNC construction. Whether this part makes it onto the production bike remains to be seen, it could simply be being used as a test piece before a cast piece is made up.

Another beefed-up component that looks all new is the main engine brace, again, clearly visible and resplendent in CNC-machined alloy. The current 390 has a much slimmer main brace, that overall is smaller in size.

Unlike the 390 Adventure, the new model features a 21-inch front wheel – not a 19” – and also gains proper wire-spoke rims. Its off-road credentials are further improved, with the use of Continental TKC 80 hoops on the prototype.

The introduction of a proper lightweight off-roader, based on the 390 platform is an exciting one indeed, although if you gaze into your crystal ball a little harder, some even more interesting models could follow. Take out the 21” front wheel and replace it with an 18” spoked item, pop on some big brakes, and… you can see where I’m going with this. A 390 Supermoto; now that I would like to see!

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