Kove scrambles to the trails with new 510F

Another neo-retro scrambler motorcycle is upon us, this time from Kove with its new 510F and its modern-classic design

Kove 510F

Kove has launched its new 510F neo-retro scrambler, entering right into the A2 category with modern-classic styling and twin-cylinder power.

Fans of Kove will be familiar with the 500F, but it appears the new 510F will be a replacement for it. They have almost identical performance, with an A2-ready 47bhp powering each bike to a claimed top speed of 170kph, or about 106mph. Torque is similar between the two, as well, with the 510F putting out 33lb ft, and the 500F producing 32lb ft. 

But, it is not hard to work out that in fact the two bikes have two totally different motors. The 500F used the 471cc parallel twin-cylinder you might also find in a Honda CBR500R, for example, whereas that used by the new 510F is a 498cc unit.

Kove 510F.

Kove 500F.

The new 510F also uses more off-road-looking knobbies compared to the 500F, but despite that it has a ground clearance 30mm lower, at 180mm. It also weighs slightly more than the 500F at 191kg compared to 188kg, although such a numerical difference is unlikely to make much difference in terms of feeling. 

Visually, the 510F makes almost no diversion from the 500F. The tail is slightly different, there is a new swingarm-mounted plate holder, the swingarm itself is still single-sided, the exhausts are different to fit with the new engine, and the wheels are changed, albeit still wired to keep the neo-retro off-road look. But, the bodywork is almost identical, from the tank to the bodywork around the radiator, and even the front headlamp looks to be the same.

Technically, the chassis uses the same diamond-shape frame, and the suspension at both ends comes from KYB on the 510F, as it did on the 500F, although on the new bike it seems to lose the adjustability. As before, the knobbly tyres come from Pirelli and although Pirelli Scorpion branding can be seen on the sidewalls, Kove neglects to list this on the bike’s technical information. This could be down to bikes going to different markets being shod with different brands of tyres. We’ll have to wait and see. Interestingly, the 510F reduces the front wheel size from 19-inch to 18-inch, while the rear wheel stays at 17 inches.

Pricing and availability for the new bike is not yet clear, including whether it will come to the UK. In Italy, it is set to cost €6,990, or around £6,000. In comparison, the Honda CL500 costs £6,149 in the UK.

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