KLR650 updated

Lost to Europe for years, the KLR still thrives in America

KAWASAKI has revealed an updated version  of its KLR650 at the New York International Motorcycle Show.

Called the ‘New Edition’ it looks basically the same as the existing bike, which will remain on sale alongside it (in America) during 2014. The changes include new front and rear suspension springs and damper settings, a new seat and slight changes to the paint scheme.

The KLR was dropped from the European market a few years ago when it stopped hitting EU emissions targets, but remains popular in America. 

It remains one of the few bikes that gets used by military forces around the world – Kawasaki even has a special website dedicated to selling them to armies.

Given its old-school roots and rugged simplicity, the KLR is one of those bikes that seems set to remain in production forever. Who knows, perhaps we’ll even get offered them in Europe again in the future. The back-to-basics style and low cost ($6599 for the New Edition in America, $100 more than the normal version) could make it quite attractive to the Euro market where dual-sports machines are still increasingly popular.