Kawasaki ZXR900 kit for the Z900RS looks stunning!

Japan Legends are launching a body kit for the Kawasaki Z900RS that turns it in to a retro sportsbike called the ZXR900

Kawasaki ZXR900

SPANISH custom bike builder, Japan Legends, have announced they are to build and sell a kit that turns the Z900RS retro-naked into a classically styled semi-naked roadster.

The post reads: ‘Attention: you want to be the first to assemble this kit in your z900? you have the opportunity to do it at a very special price. Contact us at info@japan-legends.com and we tell you how to do it. One of you can be the lucky one.’

With the Z900RS surprising most who have ridden it, the idea of ditching the naked styling and switching the machine to a more sports-focused is a masterstroke in my mind, as the retro-styled nose cone and swooping tail unit lend themselves perfectly to the late-80s superbike look.

We’ve reached out to the team that is building the kits for an estimation of cost and when the kits are officially getting launched – we’ll keep you updated on what they say.

And of course, we’ve asked for a go on one – stay tuned!