Kawasaki Z800 leaks

Pictures of bored-out, restyled Z750 emerge early

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KAWASAKI'S forthcoming Z800 has been widely rumoured and now the pictures have emerged to prove those rumours were right.

The bike, derived from the Z750, gets more capacity (as the name suggests) and hints at a theme developing through Kawasaki's 2013 models: the ZX-6R is going up to 636cc, the Ninja 250 is becoming a Ninja 300. Kawasaki appears to be following the age-old mantra: there's no substitute for cubic inches.

The chassis and engine look like they're probably largely carried over, with mods (the extra capacity should be no problem, since the Z750 motor is related to the old ZX-9R unit), while the styling is clearly from the hunched-forward school of thought that brought the latest Z1000.