Kawasaki W800 Chrome Edition

But only for Japan

KAWASAKI has revealed a special ‘Chrome Edition’ of the W800 – showing that just a few tiny changes can make a big difference to a bike’s appeal.

The sadly Japan-only Chrome Edition is named after the chromed finish on the sides of its fuel tank, replacing the two-tone painted effect on the stock 2014 W800. Elsewhere, the shiny stuff is actually reduced – the wheel rims and hubs are black instead of silver or chrome.

Finished in a candy red and with a seventies-style sticker on the side panel, the overall effect is to yamk the bike out of a monochrome 1960s world and turn it into a more Instagram-style 1970s-throwback that’s more in tune with current trends.

Of course, you can’t buy one here, but the changes aren’t anything that a local chrome-plating outfit and a bit of custom paint couldn’t achieve.