Kawasaki brings Auto High Beam to 2023 Ninja H2 SX

Kawasaki has revealed it is bringing Auto High Beam to the Ninja H2 SX and Ninja H2 SX SE sports tourers, with them expected to land in early 2023. 

2023 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SE. - Kawasaki

Kawasaki has revealed the 2023 Ninja H2 SX sports tourer, which for the new model year will feature auto-high-beam.

The Ninja H2 SX has become established as Kawasaki’s highest-specification sports tourer, and together with the Ninja 1000 SX makes Kawasaki’s one of the strongest entries in the category. 

For 2022, the Ninja H2 SX is fitted with twin radar, and will benefit from adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and blind spot detection, as well as a 6.5-inch TFT colour display which is the means through which the Kawasaki Rideology app can be connected.

There is also keyless ignition, LED cornering lights, tyre pressure monitoring and a Vehicle Hold Assist which can help with uphill starts. 

The headline addition for 2023, though, is clearly the introduction of Auto High Beam (AHB), which is self-explanatory as a light-detecting sensor which tells the bike’s computer when high beam is necessary and engages it automatically. The system uses the on-board cameras to detect the light levels from vehicles in front, as well as street lights, to deem when high beam should be engaged. For a touring motorcycle it is an ergonomic addition which is of particular benefit on longer rides which stretch on after the sun has set. 

Kawasaki says: “For the system to function, the dimmer/passing switch must be set to high beam and the bike must be travelling above 20 km/h in darkness. With the system engaged a green icon is displayed on the 6.5” TFT multifunction, colour instrument screen.”

There will adobe the return of the SE variant in 2023, which makes use of KECS Kawasaki Semi-Active Electronically Damped Suspension with Skyhook, and comes with a different colour to the standard version. 

The standard Ninja H2 SX will be available in “Metallic Diablo Black”, while the SE will come in “Emerald Blazed Green/Metallic Diablo Black/Metallic Graphite Gray”.

Kawasaki says the 2023 Ninja H2 SX and Ninja H2 SX SE will be available “from February/March,” with prices still to be confirmed.

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