Jawa 300CL European specs confirmed

The Jawa 300 will be called the Jawa 300CL when it lands in Europe and the final specs have now been revealed

Jawa 300CL euro model confirmed

FOR some time now there has been a ‘will they, won’t they’ argument going on around the new Jawa models and whether or not they will come to Europe.

It’s no surprise that in the UK and mainland Europe, riders have been eager for these classically styled machines to reach these shores, given both regions strong sales in the classic bike sector. Although until now, official confirmation of a Euro model was not forthcoming.

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Now though, Indian news outlets are reporting that the final specs of the bikes heading to these shores are finally known, now all we need is confirmation of which countries will benefit from the cool-looking retro machines.

Jawa 300CL features and specs

First off, the styling and design of the bikes to the eye remains unchanged. The bikes we’ll see over here, if they do indeed choose the UK as a destination, will visually look the same as the models already on sale in countries like India – albeit with front number plates removed. All of the changes seem to be internal and mostly to help the machine get through Euro emissions regulations.

Internally the bikes will feature slightly different levels of tuning, some of this will be down to the different climatic conditions we experience, although the majority will be to achieve exhaust gas targets.

The bikes exported here will have slightly less power than the Indian models, producing 22bhp as opposed to the 27bhp of the Indian models. Torque will also drop slightly, from 18.4lb-ft instead of the Asian machine’s 20lb-ft. The fuel tank capacity has also been reduced slightly, with the Indian machine’s 14l capacity shrinking down to 13.2l.

The biggest, and most noticeable change, is that the European-spec machines will weight significantly more than the Asian models, swelling from 170kg to 182kg. It’s thought that the majority of which will be down to a more advanced and ABS system.

It’s claimed that the European bikes will have an RRP of €6,000 including VAT, meaning the pretty little Jawa could be sat in your garage for around £5,500 unless other charges and taxes are added. The price is reported to be valid from the 1st of September this year.