Italjet announces Dragster 500 GP and Dragster e01 Electric scooters

Two new scooters have been announced by Italjet, with the Dragster 500 GP and Dragster e01 Electric set to grow their range in the next two years.

2023 Italjet Dragster e01 Electric. - Italjet

Italjet has revealed two new models to be arriving in its Dragster line-up: the 500 GP, and the e01 Electric. 

Italjet’s Dragster line-up of curiously aestheticised scooters has so far been limited to two bikes: a 125cc variant, and a 200cc. Now, a 500 is on the way, as well as an electric

Italjet Dragster e01 Electric

We will start with the electric, mostly because it is the one which will arrive first. Specifically, Italjet’s electric scooter, called the Dragster e01 Electric, is expected to arrive in the second half of 2023.

The Dragster e01 Electric will use a 12kW (16 horsepower) motor, placing it in the 125cc-equivalent category. Further, at the wheel, Italjet says the motor can deliver a maximum torque of 360Nm.

Compared to the recently announced Honda EM1 e, whose range is limited to 40km on a charge, the Dragster e01 Electric will reach 180km in an urban environment (this reduces to “90 km extra-urban and 150 km in the NEDC cycle,” Italjet says), according to Italjet, who have fitted the scooter with a 4.91kWh battery.

With a standard 1kW charger, the battery can be charged to 95% in four hours, or to 100% in 5.5 hours. With a 10kW fast charger, though, those times drop to 30 minutes and 36 minutes, respectively.

Italjet has also ensured strong chassis capabilities for the Dragster e01 Electric, with independent steering, brakes (200mm disc at the front, 190mm at the rear) from Brembo, and tyres (120/70-12 at the front, 140/60-13 at the rear) from Pirelli

Also, for an electric, the weight of the Dragster e01 Electric is very respectable at 150kg. (As we will find out further down the page, that significantly beats the other Dragster revealed by Italjet at EICMA 2022.)

The Dragster e01 Electric’s seat height is an approachable 770mm, with a length of 1890mm, a width of 750mm, and a wheelbase of 1350mm. 

Italjet Dragster 500 GP

Now we come to the Dragster 500 GP, which Italjet describes as a “hyper sport vehicle,” which might be a slight oversell for a scooter with 43 horsepower (32kW) at 8,000rpm and 43Nm at 6,000rpm from a single-cylinder four-stroke motor. But, their justification for such a label does make some sense.

“Dragster 500 GP [...] is a hyper sport vehicle that gives the power of a real motorcycle with the lightness and agility of a hyperscooter,” Italjet says. Certainly, the feature of a six-speed gearbox sets this scooter apart from its rivals, and is sure to keep the rider occupied.

The scooter also features a wet clutch, electronic fuel injection, an electric start, and a two-way underbody exhaust which Italjet describes as “worthy of a superbike.”

Italjet have also gone to Pirelli for the tyres, which are 120/70-15 at the front and 160/60-15 at the rear, and to Brembo for the brakes, with a 270mm disc at the front and 230mm at the rear which are also electronically managed by ABS.

Furthermore, the front forks are 47mm USDs, and an adjustable monoshock is used at the rear.

Italjet quotes the weight of the Dragster 500 GP as 180kg, and it features a 12-litre fuel tank, with a length of 2045mm, a width of 750mm, a seat height of 820mm, and a wheelbase of 1484mm.

Unfortunately, we will be waiting until 2024 for the Dragster 500 GP. 

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