Horex VR6 Classic revealed

Intermot concept becomes production reality

HOREX has revealed the production version of the VR6 Classic that it first showed as a concept at last year’s Intermot show in Cologne.

An additional model, to be sold alongside the existing VR6, the Classic gets two-tone paint and wire spoked wheels along with “finely detailed stitching” on the “premium” seat. So not exactly earth-shattering technology, although it’s all wrapped around the same mould-breaking underpinnings of the original VR6. Which, in case you missed it, includes a narrow-angle V6 engine – where the angle between the banks is tight enough to allow them to fit under a single cylinder head. That head is also crazy, with three camshafts – the central one doubling as the exhaust cam for the rear cylinder bank and the inlet cam for the front bank. So while the Classic is designed to hark back to Horex’s past, its technology is bang up to date, if a little left-field.

Peter Naumann, design professor at the University of Munich, is behind the Classic’s alterations. He said: “The Horex VR6 Classic pays a tribute to the legendary bikes originally built in Bad Homburg. The classic Horex red in combination with silver accent stripes is reminiscent of the famous Horex road and racing models.”

The bike’s engine is tweaked to reflect its more laid-back nature, with reduced back pressure in the 6-2 exhausts, along with new injection maps giving improved low-end torque. Power is 126bhp at 8500rpm (down from 158bhp on the VR6 Roadster).

The WP forks and Sachs shock are tweaked to match the bike’s intentions and the different weight of the Kineo alloy-rimmed wire wheels. Prices are €24,500 in Germany, €28,700 in Austria and CHF 28,900 in Switzerland – the only countries where you can currently buy a Horex.