Horex – is the crazy VR6 just a start?

Even madder W8 engine could be next

OF all the new bikes launched last year the supercharged Horex VR6 – complete with its unique narrow-angle V6 engine – was certainly the most ambitious. But its creators might have something even more insane up their sleeves.

The original patents for the Horex, filed several years ago by its designer Clemens Neese, include not only a bike that closely resembles the layout of the production VR6 but a second machine using an even bigger, W8 engine.

That's right, a W8. Basically, it's two narrow-angle V4s (where the four cylinders, despite their vee configuration, share a single cylinder head) bolted together onto a common crankshaft. The resulting motor is around the size as a conventional V4, but actually has eight cylinders.

Mounted longitudinally, with the cylinders poking out like a Moto Guzzi – or perhaps more accurately like the ill-fated Morbidelli V8 – the massive engine drives the rear wheel via a shaft, suggesting it's designed more as a tourer than a sports bike. The patent documents claim the motor would have a 60.6mm bore and 65mm stroke, giving a capacity of 1500cc.