Honda tweaks popular PCX125

Small tweaks for the scooter that Europe's buzzing around on

WE love scooters here on Visordown but we don't bang on about them because you probably wouldn't listen. Maybe that should change?

Honda's PCX125 isn't just any scooter, it was Europe's largest selling powered two wheeler last year and that makes it well worth talking about.

Honda have revised the engine, calling the new technology eSP (enhanced Smart Power) making the single-cylinder ultra-efficient 125 3% more efficient than before. It sips fuel like a budgie drinks water and will do well over 110 miles to a gallon. The scooter that is, not the budgie.

Scooters might not be 'the go' in the UK - although sales are rising while some classes of motorcycles are suffering - but across Europe higher fuel prices are giving people more of a reason to switch to two wheels - and that can't be a bad thing.

The 2012 PCX125, with next generation eSP engine, will be available in the UK from Summer 2012 and will cost around £2500, although plenty of dealers offer finance deals at around £70 a month.

Cheaper than public transport, faster than a car and much more fun.