Honda reported to be working on H’Ness CB350 RS and Café Racer

Just days after the launch of the Honda H’ness CB350, rumours have already surfaced of RS and Café Racer versions of the motorcycle

Honda HNess CB350

THE Honda H’Ness CB350 hasn’t even hit the road yet, and the word is that ‘Big Red’ is already planning on two new variants of the machine.

As with any industry rumour, we have to take it with a large pinch of Sodium Chloride, but as is often the way; where there is smoke, there is a new bike.

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The news has come from the Indian website gaadiwaadi, and it is reported that the bikes will help to form the basis of a new range to take on the might of Royal Enfield.

If that is the case, it’s not hard to imagine Honda slotting a cruiser-styled H’Ness into the range. After all, Royal Enfield are doing just that with the current 650cc platform they are running.

While the news might sound like some whispers from a far off land about a bike that will never land here, it could mean something quite different.

If the H’Ness (they’ll have to change that name if it did come to the UK) did make its way to our roads, it’d likely fair better if it had a slight makeover. Nothing too drastic, but a sporty spruce up with a torpedo fairing and some clip-ons would create some tidy competition in the market.

Currently we only really have the Royal Enfield 650cc twins and the Street Twin range of Hinckley retros to choose from. Adding some Japanese spice to the mix would only be a good thing in my eyes.