Honda patents reveal futuristic looking scooter

Patents filed by Honda show what could be thew company’s next big-wheel scooter

Honda Scooter patent image

HONDA is working on a funky looking big-wheel scooter that could form the basis of a future model in the coming years.

The last time we saw a concept from Honda that was this sleek looking it was the CB4X we saw rolled out at EICMA last winter. That bike was the brainchild of Honda’s Italian design studio, headed up by Valerio Aiello in Rome. It’s clear that this bike, genuine model or blue-sky daydream, has a very similar design ethos.

Honda CB500X video review

The lines of the machine are clean and neat, and the bike bears little resemblance to another Honda machine in the current line-up. The front of the bike is dominated by the stylised front windscreen – or is it? – that leads the eye down to the front fairing and slender leg shields. Those flow neatly into the bikes running boards and then swoop up helping to form the seat unit of the machine.

On interesting feature about the bike – and one many Visordown readers will enjoy -this futuristic and sporty looking scoot’ isn’t electric. It has a proper internal combustion engine, rejoice! It’s not clear on the capacity, although it’s likely if anything like this ever did hit the streets it’s come in two or three flavours covering 125, 200 and maybe even 300cc.

It’s also worth noting how sporty and focussed the bike looks, chunky brakes, low-profile tyres, narrow, sleek profile… Is Honda working up a sports scooter to rival the Italjet Dragster?

Sadly, if it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic putting motorcycle shows on ice for the foreseeable future, we’d probably already seen this bike, or we’d be about to see it this autumn. As it is, it’ll likely be 2021 before anything like the pictures you see here is wheeled out in front of the public.