Honda NC700's bigger brothers planned

Imminent release of 'large-sized models with a new concept'

Honda NC700's bigger brothers planned

As well as revealing the plans for a MotoGP-inspired road bike Honda's president today announced that the firm is set to unveil a series of big bikes aimed at touring and commuting.

Takanobu Ito said: “Following the New Mid series [which encompasses the NC700S and X as well as the Integra scooter] Honda will introduce a series of large-sized models with a new concept, which enable customers to more easily enjoy daily commuting and weekend touring. This stylish new series will be equipped with a 'torqueful' engine, low seat height which increases the ease of handling, and a comfortable ride with high stability in manoeuvring. The production of the first model in this new series will begin in February 2013 at the Kumamoto factory, Honda's global motorcycle production operation, and sales will begin from North America.”

An image flashed on screen during the presentation at this point showed a stylised silhouette sketch of a long, low touring bike with what appeared to be faired-in front and rear wheels.

He also reconfirmed Honda's plans to enter the Dakar rally next year with a CRF450X-derived prototype bike that is already being tested and will have a trial run in the Morocco Rally next month.

On a wider scale, he said Honda plans to expand its business to make more than 25 million motorcycle sales in the 2017 financial year from April 2016-March 2017.

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