Honda launches new 2023 colours for CMX500, CB1000R, and Monkey

Honda has announced a raft of new colours for three of its existing models for 2023: the CMX500, CB1000R, and the Monkey.

2023 Honda CB1000R Black Edition in Mat Jeans Blue Metallic

Honda has announced a trio of new colours for a number of its existing on-road motorcycles.

The new colours come a few weeks after a similar announcement from Honda regarding the X-ADV, NC750X, Forza 750 and NT1100, which all received new paint for 2023

Now, Honda has announced new colours for the 2023 CB1000R, the Monkey, and CMX500 Rebel. 


We will start with the Monkey, which received three new colours for the 2023 model year. All of these colours feature colour-matched frames, forks, swingarm and rear spring. 

Firstly, we have the “Pearl Shining Black” colour, then there is “Banana Yellow”, and finally “Pearl Nebula Red”.

All three colours also come with the classic tartan design on the seat cover, and tank infills referencing the original Monkey from the 1960s.
For 2023, the technical specifications of the Monkey remain the same, meaning you can expect 9.3 horsepower, and 11Nm of torque. 

CMX500 Rebel

The CMX500 Rebel was one of the machines used as a base platform for some of the custom designs Honda took to the Wheels and Waves festival in the summer. Unfortunately, but of course totally unsurprisingly, the paint jobs of those customs are not included as part of the new colours for the CMX500 in the 2023 model year. 

Instead, the three new colours we get for the CMX500 Rebel in 2023 are “Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic”, “Pearl Smoke Grey”, and “Candy Diesel Red”. 

Additionally, the CMX500 Rebel S - which comes with factory-fitted accessories such as a headlight cowl, black fork covers, and a diamond-stitched seat) will be available in “Titanium Metallic”.

Again, technical specifications remain the same for 2023, so you can expect 45 horsepower, and 43Nm from the 471cc parallel-twin engine. 


Finally, the CB1000R comes with a new colour of its own for the 2023 model year, called “Bordeaux Red Metallic”. The Black Edition will also be available in a new colour, called “Mat Jeans Blue Metallic”, which joins the “Deep Graphite Black” we have become familiar with. 

Again, technical specifications remain the same for the 2023 CB1000R, meaning 139 horsepower and 104Nm. 

Of course, the Black Edition comes with a quick shifter as standard, too, as well as bare aluminium components which stand out from the deep colours of the bodywork paint.

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