Honda CTX1300 spy shots

A kind of ST1300 bagger

THIS is Honda’s new CTX1300, which looks a bit like the F6B Goldwing Bagger but with the ST1300 Pan European's engine.

The spy shots were taken during filming in the US of a promo video for the new model, which is expected to be launched next year.

The pictures show a ‘CTX’ badge on a panel and an engine that looks identical to the Pan’s 1260cc transverse mounted V4, which makes 117bhp.

It's not clear whether the CTX1300 will be sold in the UK. Honda already makes a CTX700 for the States, using the frame and 670cc parallel-twin engine from the NC700 series sold here, with optional automatic Dual Clutch Transmission.

When the half-faired CTX700 was launched in February, along with a naked CTX700N, Honda UK said it was "evaluating" whether to bring them here in 2014.

Bill Savino of Honda America said at the time: “These new models introduced today are just the first in a whole new family of CTX products of various displacements and engine configurations that will be rolled out in the future."

The name refers to Comfort, Technology and eXperience, according to firm.

The CTX1300 also looks not altogether unlike the Honda DN-01, a twist-and-go cruiser produced from 2008 to 2010 which, at £10,000, failed to achieve many UK sales.