Honda CB500X becomes CX-02 concept

Homebrewed design outdoes the production version

A COUPLE of years ago you might recall that Honda’s Indian design arm came up with an attractive single-cylinder concept called the CX-01 and now it’s done a bigger version of the same idea with its new CX-02.

There’s no official information other than to say this is just a concept bike, but it looks to us like the underpinnings are pure CB500. The engine, frame and wheels all look identical to the production CB, with the addition of a new swingarm (perhaps from the Vultus?) and some upside-down forks. The real changes, therefore, are in the styling, and it’s another pretty decent job – more aggressive than the CB500X and with some interesting detailing.

Given that Honda’s Indian arm is also responsible for the intriguing new Navi scooter, also launched this week, perhaps Honda Japan should pay a bit more attention to the work they’re doing.

Pics via Indian Autos Blog.

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