Honda CB1100 Europe bound in 2013

But have Honda missed the boat with the retro-inspired naked...

HONDA has denied Europe their retro-styled CB1100 since it was first released in ...

HONDA has been denying Europe the CB1100 since it was first released for Japan-only in 2010, but a European-spec version of the retro-styled naked has been undergoing testing in Austria, signalling expectations that the bike will be released in 2013.

The Euro-spec bike was virtually indistinguishable from the Japanese version but featured minor changes to the rear lights and larger indicators, as per the Australian iteration. The test bike was seen with datalogging equipment and emissions sensors.

The CB1100 has retro styling combined with modern technology, it is powered by a 1140cc inline four with 87bhp and has a wet weight of 247kg.

When Honda unveilved the CB1100 back in 2009 it generated a lot of hype, but with the three year wait has the Japanese manufacturer missed the boat? Would you still be interested in buying one?