Honda to build a dual-clutch Fury cruiser?

Patent application reveals semi-auto version of the VTX1300

Honda DCT cruiser patent

HONDA'S DCT (dual-clutch transmission) is surely the most sophisticated gearbox offered on any bike and having finally made its way onto the Gold Wing for 2018 it looks like the V-twin Fury cruiser will be the next bike to get it.

2018 Honda CB1000R | Visordown Launch Test

Originally appearing on the VFR1200F and VFR1200X V4 machines, followed by the parallel twin NC700 and NC750 models, the DCT concept is unique in motorcycling, but increasingly common on cars. It uses effectively splits the gearbox into two sections, each with its own clutch. One section deals with first, third and fifth, the other with second, fourth and sixth gears. 

It means that at any time, two gears can be selected – first and second, for instance – and that by simply disengaging one clutch and engaging the other, via computer-controlled hydraulics, you get a seamlessly smooth shift with no let-up in power delivery.

Clever, but it’s been a decade since the system first appeared and it hasn’t exactly spread fast through Honda’s range. That’s largely because it’s heavy, thanks to the extra hydraulics and second clutch, and adds a fair bit to a bike’s cost.

Honda’s latest patent shows the system fitted to its 1,312cc V-twin Fury cruiser. It’s a model that’s no longer offered in Europe, but still on sale in America. In reality, any DCT version of the bike is likely to be a heavily revamped successor to the Fury, potentially heralding Honda’s return to the European cruiser market as well. The patent is specifically related to a V-twin, though, and cruisers like the Fury are surely well-suited to the relaxed riding that an automatic or semi-automatic transmission encourages.