Harley-Davidson's Project LiveWire coming to UK

UK riders will get to try Harley's much-hyped electric cruiser

HARLEY-DAVIDSON will offer UK riders a go on its new electric bike when the firm's 'Project LiveWire' comes to the UK this summer. 

Harley has already offered test rides in the US on the 74hp LiveWire, in an exercise designed to gather customer feedback on the pre-production model.

Now the firm has announced the global expansion of what it's calling the 'Project LiveWire Experience tour', with more test rides to be offered in Europe, Asia and Canada.

A contest, details of which have yet to be announced, will be used to choose the 1000 'select customers' who get to ride the machines at five locations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Anyone would think they were doing us a favour by getting our feedback.

The tour will come to the UK on May 16-17.

Mark-Hans Richer, Harley-Davidson Chief Marketing Officer, said: 'Project LiveWire has reset expectations about what a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can be,” said Harley-Davidson Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richer. “The first phase of the Project LiveWire Experience tour provided valuable feedback about the features and experience riders expect from an electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This year we’re expanding that experience to a global audience to gain even deeper insights from riders to help us shape the future direction of this exciting technology.'

A Harley press release added: 'While not for sale, the Project LiveWire motorcycle was specifically designed for the purpose of seeking insight into rider expectations of an electric Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. The Project LiveWire Experience invites customers to test ride and learn more about the story of the motorcycle and provide feedback on their experience. Even those who don’t yet ride will have the opportunity to feel the power of Project LiveWire through the Jumpstart™ demo – a simulated riding experience.'

Find details on the Project LiveWire tour here.   

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