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WE HAVE just landed in the south of Spain, where we’re going to ride the 2017 BMW S1000R, R nineT Racer and R nineT Pure.

If you’ve got a question about any of these bikes, just leave us a comment below or send an email to and we’ll answer your question in our write up.

If you’re in need of a reminder about any of these bikes, here you go:

The 2017 S1000R has a new, lighter chassis, more power – up to 165hp from 160 while being Euro4 compliant, with more advanced electronics, a quickshifter that works up and down the gearbox, plus an updated exhaust with Akrapovic titanium silencer as standard.

The R nineT Racer is the racey version of the flagship R nineT heritage bike, aimed at recreating superbikes from the 1970s and 80s. It’s got a more focused riding position plus a front fairing. Power comes from the R nineT’s now-EU4 compliant boxer twin, with unchanged torque and power.

The R nineT Pure is the entry point to the R nineT range and is aimed at customers that are really interested in really customising the bike to make it more unique.


Vibes are just an irritant on the current bike - but is the new s1000r any better? And basically, is there any obvious difference to the old bike?

UNRULYraDiANCE's picture

is new 2017 s1000r worth the upgrade from previous version?

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