Gogoro Pulse Electric Scooter Has Bonkers Amounts of Torque

The Gogoro Pulse is being marketed by the Taiwanese brand as its new flagship model and has a truly incredible amount of torque

Gogoro Pulse

The electric scooter market is bursting at the seams by now with 125cc-equivalents producing anything up to 15bhp. Standing out, then, can be tough.

Gogoro is not new to the electric bike game. In fact, in some ways, it has been a pioneer, especially thanks to its battery share technology, which places battery stations in public spaces, and people simply go to the battery station and swap their depleted battery for a fresh one when they start to run out of juice.

Rather than focusing purely on efficiency in commuting, though, the new Pulse is aimed at upping performance. It’s nothing mind-bending, producing 9kW, or 12bhp, of continuous power, but the Pulse’s electric motor will spin up to 11,000rpm and produce an incredible amount of torque. 279lb ft, to be exact is the maximum amount at the rear wheel, and this allows it to achieve 0-30mph in 3.05 seconds, which is pretty handy in intra-city dashes from lights to lights.

As we know, range is an issue on electrics - that’s the whole point of Gogoro’s aforementioned battery share system - but it can be addressed, to an extent, in multiple ways. In particular, Gogoro has focused on aerodynamics with the Pulse, reducing drag to increase maximum range. Unfortunately, Gogoro does not provide information about the range of the Pulse, nor the capacity of its battery, or even if it has one battery or two.

The bike does have many ‘smart’ features, though, including integration to the Apple Wallet app, which means the owner can simply ‘tap’ their phone or Apple Watch to lock or unlock the scooter (theoretically, this applies to whoever has the phone or watch to which the scooter is linked). On the bike itself, there is a 10.5-inch touchscreen through which the rider can select different riding modes (Range, Dirt, City, Touring, Track or Custom) and access turn-by-turn navigation, and there is also adaptive LED lighting which has both speed- and cornering-based activity.

On the new Pulse electric scooter, Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro, said: “Gogoro has been widely recognized for its contribution to the transformation of the urban two-wheel industry with its integration of cutting-edge innovation, performance and design that created a smart new electric user experience.

“The Pulse introduces a new and exhilarating Gogoro riding experience that utilises our latest innovations in electric performance and aerodynamic efficiency with advanced lighting and an immersive interactive user experience.”

For now, the Gogoro Pulse is only being marketed in Taiwan, where it is expected to arrive in dealers in the second quarter of 2024.

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